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              Highshine TD Process Technology

              扫一扫!Highshine TD Process Technology扫一扫!
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              Highshine  TD Process Technology

              Highshine Metal Technology Co.

              l  Established in 2004 at Shenzhen

              l  Over 100 employees in 2010  

              l  Metal Surface Process and Heat Treatment: TD process, Ion Nitriding, Vacuum Heat Treatment, Induction Heating,Arc Ion Plating

              l  Licensed TD technology from TOCALO in 2004

              l  Licensed Arc Ion Plating technology from KOBELCO in 2015



              TOCALO Co. of Japan

              l  Formed in 1951, stock listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange

              l  9 processing plants and 6 business offices in Japanese territory

              l  Surface Treatment Specialist:

              Thermal Spray, TD process, PVD

              l  Licensed TD from Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories (CRDL) in 1975

              l  TD Customer: Honda and Nissan in Japan



              High Shine’s licensed TD Program

              l     License Contract signed in 2004 for TD process technology transfer and long-term cooperation

              l     Personnel Training Program at TOCALO

              l     Guided-Trial and Production Program at High Shine’s plant

              l     Production line set-up and started operation since 2005

              l     TD Customers in China: Honda, Nissan and Toyota’ tool and stamping enterprises and Chinese local brand car makers


              Industrial Advantages of applying TD process

              l     Improvement of tool life, cost reduction

              l     Reduce maintenance and repair

              l     Improvement of products quality

              l     Less lubricant, improve work environment

              l     Cost-effective by Re-treatment of 3 – 5 times

              TD Office:   

              Heat Line: 0755-29623781